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The Human Side of Healthcare

I created this site to share my writing, some of my favorite articles, podcasts, and artwork about the experience of healthcare in America. I'm hoping to do some deep dives on controversies in medicine, the toll our dysfunctional healthcare system takes on patients and providers, and share some artwork and journalism that sparked my interest. Thank you for your kind notes, they mean a lot. And thank you for reading and sharing! 

A Tribute to Everyone Working on Christmas

When looking back on my training and the holidays I spent in the hospital, the overwhelming feeling is nostalgia for my patients, what I learned, and the people I worked with. It's tempting to write about those times with wistfulness, and to forget how lonely they could sometimes be.

But looking back on what I wrote at the time, I know that the full picture is more complex. Acknowledging our own sacrifices is an important step in our lives as professionals. It helps  us empathize with our patients, provide comfort to our colleagues, and be better mentors to those we will train.

A Letter to the Doctors and Nurses Who Cared for My Wife
"Donna and Jen asked me to leave the room for a moment, and when I returned, they had shifted Laura to the right side of her bed, leaving just enough room for me to crawl in with her one last time." 

Speaking of my Cambridge family, read this beautiful tribute to the providers of our ICU, from a husband whose wife died there with as much dignity as my colleagues could give her.

Reflections from a medical mission to Puerto Rico

Working with Project Hope was one of my greatest joys this year. Here are my reflections on what I saw, and what resilience means in that kind of devastation.

What is medicine really like?

My first blog post about what it's like to be a primary care doctor, and the demands on us that are breaking providers in practice. It's hard to write frankly about what's wrong, but we need these stories if things are going to change.

Share your own stories

We wish we had written that

I heartily endorse this amazing round-up from the journalists at StatNews of their favorite healthcare stories this year. Spend some time with Propublica's series on maternal mortality. 

Science Vs Zika

I really appreciate the podcast Science Vs for the care and open mind they bring to controversial topics like guns, attachment parenting, and even acne. This episode is a great overview of a phenomenon that is still unfolding.