I have tried responding back many times but could not find enough to say.  Thank you does not seem enough of a word to fully encompass the courage you found to speak out against the deafening silence this disease imparts on many of us.  You found your courage not only in writing this beautiful article but also during residency when you found the courage to articulate your experiences honestly and sincerely.  As physicians we feel that it is necessary to endure this as part of the training but when in fact it eats away at our compassion and ability to feel.

Thank you for empowering so many of us.

–Dr. Yamini Saravanan, primary care doctor in Cambridge

On "I Felt Alone But I Wasn't: Depression Is Rampant Among Doctors In Training"


Your commentary for WBUR, on caring for undocumented patients, is one of the best pieces I have ever read on this topic.

I share your view, and that of Dr. Marlin, that physicians and other frontline clinicians can no longer (if they ever could) be “spectators” concerning health policy and its consequences for safety-net populations. Figuring out what clinicians can realistically do, and integrate into everyday work, for these patients is a continuing challenge; thank you for articulating it so well.

–Nancy Berlinger, health care ethics researcher

On "Caring For Immigrant Patients When The Rules Can Shift Any Time"