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“How Doctors Think about In-Flight Emergencies.”

 In-flight emergencies are just another reminder that you're never not a doctor.


“Why I stopped telling patients to Lose Weight.”

We need to stop pretending that what we are doing is working. Our brief counseling sends the wrong message that weight loss is simple and easy, even though we know it’s not.


"I Gave My Patients Flu Vaccines. You Won't Believe What Didn't Happen Next!"

If the majority of our patients are going to spend more time on Facebook than in our office, it’s time to meet them there.




“I Felt Alone but I Wasn’t: Depression is rampant amongst doctors in training.”

Residency’s long hours, trauma, sleeplessness and social isolation inevitably erode our healthy coping mechanisms. At the same time, there is a powerful culture of fear, stigma and lack of self-care that prevents residents from seeking help. The resources that are in place in residency programs are simply not adequate.


“Popping a Daily Baby Aspirin? Caution: New guidelines, amid controversy."

Millions of people take an aspirin every day, thinking they are doing something positive to protect their hearts. Now, we physicians are back-tracking on those recommendations. What gives?



“Beware, You Do Not Want Your Doctor Working 28 Hours Straight.”

We need some in-depth soul searching among medical educators about why a resident can work 100 hours a week and still be poorly trained. But since medical trainees are exempt from labor protections, it is far easier to ask residents to work dangerous 28-hour shifts than to thoughtfully address these issues.